We are compassionate and committed in providing clinical, professional and commercial excellence

We are driven to maximise the independence of our rehabilitation clients after illness or injury. We work with the rehabilitation client and the family to support the adjustment process. The aim of rehabilitation will always be to restore meaningful and satisfying daily lives with purpose. This may mean return to work or finding alternative occupations. We aim to deliver a diverse range of simple, sensible rehabilitation solutions in what can be a daunting and confusing process for clients.

Rehabilitation Case Management Services

Case Management Services are delivered to a range of client groups including acquired brain injury and complex orthopaedic injury. The service is provided personally by Amanda Nott. Otherwise, further to discussion with referrers, instructions may be referred on to an appropriately experienced associate selected from a not-for-profit-network. Work carried out by associates is supervised and subject to quality audit by Amanda Nott. Referrals for immediate needs assessments and rehabilitation case management services are accepted on a single or joint instruction basis.

Associates may be from the the backgrounds of Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology or Social Work and will be matched to the needs of the case. Case managers offer a diverse skill set in providing vital assistance to injured parties and their families in navigating, organising and managing what can appear to be overwhelming. A key skill is service co-ordination. A case manager will draw together professional services from across the NHS, Social Services and other private providers of health and social care services, to ensure that rehabilitation is accessible and is delivered in a way that is connected, actively managed and financially and clinically effective.

Nott & Associates provide three main services:
Immediate Needs Assessment
Case Management Services
File Review and Audit

Clinical Services

A case manager is first and foremost, a highly experienced clinician. Maintaining clinical skills and providing evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a requirement of ongoing registration for any registered health professional . Outside of her case management portfolio of clients, Amanda Nott is an independent (private) HCPC registered Occupational Therapist, practising in the areas of neuro rehabilitation and mental health.